When payment failed , what to do?

As you are reading this, your order may have failed. For some reasons, we have not been able to open the visa payment channel for the moment.

For this, we have been working hard.
If the payment fails, don’t worry about not being able to purchase our service. Please contact us to use PayPal and stripe to pay.

We will try our best to avoid the failure of orders. Please believe that we will provide better services.

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  1. Cliff

    Hi again
    Ive made a purchase and it has failed to accept my Visa card

    I can use PayPal if necessary if required, please let me know what to do next


    1. iviewtv

      please send PayPal payment.

  2. Teddy Mihalios

    paypal is not an optional payment method.
    how do we use it to pay if the option in non existing?

    1. iviewtv

      I will send PayPal details via email

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